What you should know before hiring a virtual real estate assistant?

A Virtual Assistant for real estate is a remote employee who can support your business by rendering his/her variety of skills that will help your business grow and assist you to refocus your priorities.  A lot of realtors nowadays are hiring VA’s to help them organize, get them more listings and close more deals. 

If you are dealing with many deals and have tons of work then there is no better time in hiring a virtual assistant to delegate some of your tasks.  This will not only help you make more money but will also help you to do more tasks.  

Yes, you may have doubts if hiring a virtual assistant will be worth it especially if time, energy, and money is involved.  You probably will think twice about this decision but having a VA will help you lessen your workload and you will have more time for other tasks that are more important to grow your business.  Let me inform you what virtual real estate assistants can do for you.

Virtual real estate assistants help manage your business

Being a real estate agent, you will always find your day always in a rush and with a busy schedule. A VA can assist you by arranging your schedule, search for new leads and prospects, and the like. 

Virtual real estate assistants will help you increase your productivity 

You can delegate certain tasks to your VA so you can focus more on strategizing how to grow your business.

Virtual real estate assistants will assist to improve your work quality

Your VA can assist you to organize your listing, contacts, clients,  properties, and input data in your CRM.   

Virtual real estate assistants improve your sales conversion

Your VA will be a great help in lead generation. Calling up leads and converting these leads to sales.

Virtual real estate assistants decrease your stress

Having a VA improves your overall work/life balance as you will have more time for yourself and to focus on other things.

What are the tasks you can delegate to your REVA?

Other realtors think that by hiring a VA, they can pass everything to the VA.   But do you know that in any role you should define tasks and assign the tasks to the correct person to have a productive outcome?  

Here are tasks that you can delegate or assign to your virtual assistant:

1. Administrative Tasks

  • Booking Appointments
  • Assisting with email management 
  • Handling office communication 
  • Scheduling appointments and meetings
  • Assisting with personal tasks

2. Operational Tasks

  • Helping with data entry
  • Conducting research
  • Assisting performance statistics and results
  • Updating CRM with lead status 
  • Organizing files and databases

3. Marketing  Tasks

  • Writing blog posts
  • Creating social media content
  • Developing marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Executing email marketing campaigns
  • Gathering and analyzing customer feedback

Before hiring a real estate virtual assistant, definitely you want to have the assurance that it is worth the financial investment for your business.  plan how you will delegate tasks to your VA. There are also other factors that you will also have to consider before hiring a virtual assistant like how long do you need the VA, what experience does the VA has and what can he/she contribute to your business.

When you are already ready to hire a VA,  it is highly recommended to seek out remotely as hiring VA’s will cost less rather than getting from local VA’s. A lot of companies in the US are hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines,  not just because they will save money but because Filipinos are hardworking and skillful.  The question is, where to hire a VA from the Philippines?

There are a lot of VA agencies in the Philippines.  We are one of the companies that train and mold VA’s. We at The VA hub recognize the skill, commitment, and passion of our team and this is a vital part of our success.  Our VA’s are highly trained and we help develop their talents to the maximum.  We make sure that before they work with a client they will be able to meet the demand of the customer as they meet the required skills that the client needs. 

We have executive VA, Lead specialists, marketing experts, and product sales specialists. Are you ready to meet your virtual assistant?  Book a consultation and discuss with our business advisers.