Virtual Assistant: A Realtor’s Best Partner for Managing Social Media Platforms

Realtors in managing Social Media accounts

Imagine this.download

Let’s just say you own a restaurant without any waiters, servers, delivery crew and even cooks. Everything must be done by you — alone. You would start the day at the counter to get orders then go to the kitchen and prepare their meals then go out again to take orders from new customers, then check with prior orders and then go out again and so on and so forth. Would it be possible for the you and the restaurant to be successful?

I bet you would not last a day going through all of that without any help.

Managing your Social Media accounts is somewhat similar. Realtors, business owners, and proprietors spend most of their time engaging in Social Media as it plays a ‘great’ role in promoting their business especially during their ‘off’ moments. Social Media platforms are usually used as a tool to reach out to other businesses, give feedback, interact and of course, communicate.

In the case of Realtors, they use Social Media platforms to promote their brand or work, search for properties available (an alternative for MLS), look out for possible leads and getting feedback from potential and past clients.

Do Realtors succeed through the help of Social Media?

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Most of the time, No.

Realtors nowadays get on various Social Media platforms to establish the purpose of getting information from people who are selling properties and get updates from their competitors. Some take advantage of these platforms to increase leads and profit, but that does not simply work that way. In order for you to succeed in this field, you have to realize that creating a simple business page in a certain Social Media platform, it requires you to be committed to it 24/7. Some Realtors would just post and share something about a house they are selling but won’t immediately respond back to a potential client because they might be busy having dinner with another client or caught up in a business meeting. Eventually, that could lead to a lost sale. Having all the Social Media platforms don’t guarantee you success unless you commit to it.

If you can relate, don’t lose hope. Here is why it’s a YES.

Hire a Virtual Assistant. It’s that simple!


According to Chris Ducker, almost 37% of business owners spend 21 or more hours on social media which is already more of the normal working week. What could you possibly accomplish with the remaining 20 hours? Being in social media consumes a lot of time and hiring a Virtual Assistant will immediately take that burden from you. In that way, you get to focus on the things that most need your attention.

A Virtual Assistant can do the following things for you:

  • Get you contacts and leads
  • Communicate on your behalf
  • Manage your network
  • Monitor your pages, accounts and give you updates via reports
  • Post and comment to your target audience

Now, how does that sound to you? Better isn’t it?

Partnering with a Virtual Assistant can help you manage, organize and monitor your pages on multiple platforms.

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Contributor: Christopher Sonza
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