Top 4 Apps To Fix Your Payment Processes This 2019

The thriving ecommerce industry is fostering the necessity for business owners to facilitate easier and more diverse payment methods to cater to their growing number of customers.

For business owners aiming to stay relevant to an increasing number of online shoppers, undoubtedly, a move toward more flexible payment solutions must be in place.  So, if you’re in the market for financing tools to try, here’s a list of payment processing services to consider:

Stripe – receive payments

  • 9% + $.30 per transaction
  • Online and mobile credit card processing
  • Email customer support

Gaining traction for its simplified pricing system, Stripe charges 2.9 percent and a $0.30 flat fee per successful transaction. No setup or monthly fees to worry about, and Stripe’s data and reporting feature displays transaction information real time.

Stripe can support over 100 currencies and also processes Bitcoin and ACH transactions for charges starting at 0.8 percent or a maximum of $5.

Stripe released a new feature, called Stripe Atlas, which allows businesses from anywhere in the world to integrate a U.S. company, start a U.S. bank account, send and receive payments, and receive tax and legal guidance from Stripe’s consultation partners. Stripe is accessible both on the web and mobile.


Square – point-of-sale system app

  • 75% + No transaction fee
  • Process physical magstripe and EMV chip card transactions

Square processes mobile payment transactions by plugging a card reader directly into your Apple or Android device. Square is the choice for most small businesses because it is feature-rich, has a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) app, a comprehensible interface, doesn’t require an application process, and offers competitive processing rates. In addition, Square is the most affordable option with an average transaction under $20.

Square doesn’t have a startup or monthly fee and supports both card swipes and keyed-in payments using its powerful mPOS app. You will get a free magstripe reader for swiping cards upon signup. You can receive additional readers, including options for processing EMV chip cards.


Paypal – collect payments globally

  • 2-2.9%+ $.30 transaction fee
  • Mobile, online and POS credit card processing
  • 24/7 phone and email support

You probably understand how important 24/7 customer support is, and PayPal stands out from other mobile payment processing tools because they have it. Merchants from all around the world accept Paypal. The downside is that there is no instant deposit option available and funds take 3-5 business days to deposit in your checking account.


Due – payment processing

  • 9% + $0.30 per transaction
  • Fraud Monitoring and Alert Tools


Due.com is an online billing platform for any size of businesses. It allows users to generate, send, and track invoices, as well as monitor team’s time and productivity for billing and processing of payments

Due.com is free to use! Interested consumers just need to sign up on their website to start using it. However, they charge a flat rate 2.80% fee per transaction for US credit or debit cards and 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for international cards. If your business has more than $250,000 per month, Due.com can also offer a custom rate.



Providing exceptional customer experience infers the willingness to change with the times. Online shopping and online payment processing are quickly becoming the new standard, and it would do your business great to expand your payment processing abilities.