The Real Enemy of Sales

The client on the other end of the line is waiting expectantly for you. Suddenly you recognize that instead of listening, you’ve actually been thinking about how to explain yourself better or what to say next. You don’t really know what to say!

It’s a situation familiar to every salesperson at one time or another but that doesn’t always mean it should. To deliver the level of service that creates happy clients and mountains of referrals, you must be completely engaged in every sales conversation.

If you’re too busy thinking about what to say next, then you’re not fully engaged. You’re not present. And that’s mainly why your unnecessary thoughts are the real enemy of sales.

Here are four ways to optimize your use of scripts, to increase your sales skills by decreasing the amount of thought you need to put into a sales situation.

Remember that Confidence Breeds Success

Let’s talk about why it’s important to build your sales skills.

It boils down to one quality: confidence. When someone knows what to say, they feel more confident. And when you feel confident, you’re more enthusiastic about that next appointment and meet potential clients. You take more listings and close more deals.

This means, confidence breeds success.

You have two ways to build confidence. One is through trial and error. The other, preferable way is to learn scripts so you know exactly what to say in every situation.


So, after you’ve researched scripts you’d like to use, here are four steps to master them and make them your own:

  • Keep your head on one script at a time.Don’t confuse yourself by biting off more than you can chew. Learn one script at a time until you master it. Only then move on to the next.
  • Regularly rehearse!No one wants to sound like a robot. The key to solve this is to practice. Read your scripts aloud repeatedly to internalize them, personalize and make them your own.
  • Role-play.Once you have your scripts down, take your practice to the next level by role-playing with a partner. This is where your confidence will begin to shine. Our VAs undergo role-play assessments to practice.
  • Write it out.One of the most effective ways to instill a script into your mind is to jot it down. Do it multiple times. It might sound dreary, but our Training Team, VAs and Clients swear by this technique! You’ll soak the scripts up and when you say it next, it will come out natural.


Your personality isn’t enough

Even the most amiable, outgoing salespeople can choke up when they’re worried and thinking about what to say next. Find some scripts, make them your own, and practice them! Your confidence will grow and you can ensure you’ll never again be looking for what to say. Rather, you’ll be fully engaged with every client.

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