The Most Common Fears Associated to Outsourcing and How to Conquer Them

Outsourcing is risky regardless of the role you’re looking to fill in. Imagine investing in someone who you don’t see or talk to every day and you will be inclined to feel unsure if the person can help improve your business growth. Marketing is a very important function in any business. In line with this, collaboration is also necessary and you want to make sure that everybody in your team is on the same page.

Now that your business is growing, here are some of the most common fears associated to outsourcing Marketing jobs to a VA and how you can conquer them.

Learning to trust

When you’ve come this far in business, it’s hard to entrust the marketing side of your company to someone else. Communication is very accessible now but maintaining it is hard when you don’t work in the same place. You might always worry if the person you chose is doing its job efficiently without constantly looking over its shoulder. The challenge would be finding a person who’s in line with your goals. You want to find a person who has passion in career growth because she will be committed in helping you grow the business as well.


Knowing the business

The American culture is colorful and it will be a challenge if your Marketing VA is not familiar with its ins and outs. You will invest time and effort explaining different strategies that work specifically for your business. They must understand the demographic you are trying to target. Finding the right person with a background in Marketing in the US is a big help. Otherwise, this person must be a fast-learner and is good in marketing strategies. Most effectively, the right VA that considers this as a partnership will learn your business and the market in which you operate.



You can save money outsourcing but are you really saving money if the work you get is not up to standards? Before you select the right candidate for the role, make sure that you understand the concept of hiring a VA. Ask for their portfolio and consider skills such as communication (verbal and written), skill set from their work experience, and most importantly, their personality and behavior. The VA should be willing to accept feedback and has initiative to ask for it. They should be able to work independently and can commit to what they say.


Outsourcing jobs to a VA is quite a challenge for a business that is rapidly growing. You need to set your standards high but you must also be open to explore modern ways to progress.

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