Spend more time with your family this 2021!

By: Anne Margarette Cueto



Planning family trips and vacations has been extra tedious because we have to follow certain health protocols however, it shouldn’t stop you from doing it. 


So here’s our TOP 3 ideas regarding the things you can still do this year while keeping your family far from catching the virus. 


You may start a backyard firepit so the kids can enjoy burning marshmallows and ask for help from any family members to cook for everybody that you can eat outside. You can also grill steaks and barbeques or cook comfort foods that you can put in a basket pretending you’re going to have a picnic. And we can never say it’s camping if we won’t pitch a tent. Your kids will surely love it, especially when you find time to play with them those backyard games such as scavenger hunt. This is a unique but effective alternative to the usual summer vacation.


Sounds exciting! Now you never have to go to the Cinema to do such a thing because you can now be extra creative in setting up your living room. Set up a home theatre speaker all over the house so you can enjoy realistic sound effects. Heat a popcorn on the microwave, and voila! You are now at your family cinema! You can also prepare a movie night outside in your backyard, so kids can swim and watch movies at the same time.


Have you done playing sports together with the kids? For sure you’ve tried it when they were still a baby. Now that they’re all grown up, they could use your attention even more by playing with them their favorite sports! You might as well help them to realize what they want or where they’re good at, right? Just make sure to do these things inside your house parameter for everyone’s safety during these times.

It’s easy to create a family time when you want to do so. If you are a busy professional or having difficulties with finding time for your children or family, why not hire an effective Virtual Assistant from different countries, such as the Philippines? They’re for sure trained to handle those things that you are doing. Hiring them doesn’t mean you’ll end up spending more. You’ll be surprised they might help your business gain more profit. Sounds fun, right? You’ll get to enjoy your family time, plus your business is taking off! It’s so great to be known as a good family man who takes good care of his family and also a successful man who handles his business very well.


Work hard, but make time for your love, family, and friends. Nobody remembers Powerpoint presentation on your final day.

– Chetan Bhagat