Social Media Competitions: Do they still work?

Social Contest Prize

Most of us already know, Social Media is what people do to interact nowadays. We often see people spending most of their time with gadgets such as laptops, desktops and especially mobile devices checking out updates from their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other Social Media Sites. As someone who aspires to capture this ever-growing market for a business,  being a part of a marketing team or owning one, ignorance of social media marketing strategies is tantamount to becoming irrelevant.


What are Social Media Contests?

Social media contests are online “raffle draws” similar to traditional raffle contests where an entry will be drawn or selected out of the many who participated and a “Special Prize” will be awarded to the winner. The difference, of course, is that the online raffles are mostly done digitally with algorithms that select the winning entries that are usually social media accounts, email addresses etc.

How can social media contests impact a Brand?

According to Rebekah Carter of Sprout Social, Here are following ways how Social media contests can impact a Brand and her take on the relevance of Social Media Contests in 2018.

Social media contests can:

Social Media Contest

  • Boost Online Engagement: In an age where the customer looks for deeper connections, contests inspire your audience to make the first move, reach out and interact with your brand.
  • Build your Email List: Social media contests can also be an excellent form of lead generation in a time where most customers are sick of old-fashioned advertising strategies. If you convince your follower that they’re getting a reward for giving you their email address, they’re much more likely to comply.
  • Inspire virality: Customers are obsessed with experience (particularly millennials). If your contest is fun and exciting, they’ll want to share that experience with their friends, improving your chances of going viral.

The simple answer to whether social media contests still work for 2019–yes, but only if you use them carefully.

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