Should you hire a Marketing Virtual Assistant?

Why should I get a virtual assistant?

What if I just end up wasting time and money?

How can I be sure that they can be trusted?

These are some of the possible questions that linger in the minds of entrepreneurs when someone suggests that they hire a virtual assistant.

It is completely rational for people to think this way. VA’s have been around for a while but some entrepreneurs prefer the traditional way of doing business. Having another person other than yourself in the office to greet clients and visitors is definitely the way most people want to happen. Consider this though, most people nowadays are using the internet for meetings and hardly ever makes physical meetups, making a physical assistant less useful. Also, it is much more efficient to have your files stored in a cloud storage nowadays than having it done on paper. If you’re going to hire a person to just use a computer that will cost you office space, equipment, etc., then why not go with a VA.

A VA, unlike a temp or contractor, is practically a business owner as well. They make sure that their time is spent to produce results in the most efficient and effective way possible. There won’t be any hand-holding in this relationship. Let them work and you’ll see wonders.

A virtual assistant needs to be able to support you and your business. They cannot do so unless they are aware of and know your business goals. – Elaine Rogers

Sharing your dreams, aspirations, and goals for your business to some random person that you’ve only met online can be unnerving. Your company is your child. You nurtured it from when it was still a thought, held its hand when it became an idea, and watched it grow into what it is today. You can’t just let it go and have some stranger mess with it. There’s simply no point in letting this person come in to your business in that fashion. Especially since they were hired to just do tasks and that’s it. This is necessary because a VA needs to get in your head to create tools, processes, and procedures to help you out. This comes with time, of course. So, initially, you will have to share all the information required with a VA.

In conclusion:

There are many questions that one may ask regarding virtual assistants but the facts still remain. A virtual assistant provides much more to the table than a regular assistant all while being much more cost-effective. They really do give you a bang for your buck.


Contributor: Naiel Espinili
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