Overly Focused? Here's what you have been missing out on

With the rising cost and standard of living, and  professional and business competition getting tighter, a common competitive professional or entrepreneur unconsciously feel the pressure and tend to hustle on their career. It’s probably a common unconscious response, since we are all designed to adapt to an environment where the fittest becomes ahead of the competition. Seeking for a better status in the society and attain a healthy professional life, people tend to lose track about the health of their personal life. Most of the time, they don’t realize that they are neglecting health and personal relationships, and oftentimes, begin to notice its effects when it’s already too late.
People overly prioritize their career that they lose balance in their life. They thought happiness will be achieved through achievements and financial rewards. Little they do not know that people who work unnecessarily hard slowly lose everything. In the long run, they lose productivity, start to develop health problems, and worst, they begin to develop emotional detachment with their love ones. This can have a very serious effect to their life in general.  People do not really achieve real success by focusing just on their career and neglecting personal relationships. In the contrary, this can actually have serious devastating consequences in the long run.
But many real successful individuals learned the art of maintaining Work and Life Balance.  One very important step to take is learning to prioritize on what needs to be prioritize in their career and learn to delegate the other less important task to people who can accomplish them as efficient as they do. This way, they earn the time they need for themselves and their family, improves their positive energy, and further improve their mental and physical productivity. These people realize that they can achieve more by working less.
John Smith, a real estate tycoon, in an interview with CNN-lifestyle News, mentioned that his life suddenly felt lighter and he felt wiser ever since he hired virtual assistants to accomplish his other less important tedious tasks. It enabled him to focus solely on driving his business upwards. Now he is determined to advocating virtual assistance as one way to promote a better life for professionals and entrepreneurs.
There are indeed many different approaches on how an individual can and direct his life and career, but I can only agree to one thing, balancing work and personal life is always the best way to go. As a start, one can identify a list of priorities, and focus mainly on the things that are on the top spot, delegate the others, take it easy, and observe how it positively affects you.
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Contributor: Jonald Reyes
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