New Hire Onboarding Checklist

A new hire onboarding checklist will help managers and HR ensure they are covering all the essential steps to get ready for onboarding a new employee and lead them through the process of becoming member of a successful team.

The first few days after an employee starts will set the tone for their entire time with your company and help you predict if your investment in them will pay off.


Important New Hire Checklist Steps:

  1. Direct a job requisition form to HR.

Make it official.

  1. Perform a background check.

This is essential to ensure the security and safety of clients and colleagues.

  1. Analyze schedule, and the job basics.

Contact them and clarify the first week’s schedule, run a timesheet, and supply basic info, such as parking rules and the office dress code.

  1. Evaluate job descriptions and tasks.

Email a copy of the job description, answer questions, offer an overview of how the employee is expected to be in the department. Include these details in your new employee welcome letter.

  1. Complete all new hire forms.

Do this before their first day to save time and let you focus on more important things.

  1. Team introductions.

Help integrate them into your culture. Set up necessary meetings with key staff members, a workplace tour, and social lunches.

  1. Get their work environment ready.

Clean their new space, print business cards, request for access badges, and IT equipment.

  1. Prepare for their new hire training.

Schedule training and onboarding seminars.


In summary, Your New Hire Checklist Must Contain: 

  • Your company policies.
  • An introduction to their team and main colleagues.
  • An office tour.
  • A review of their position information.
  • Assistance getting equipment.
  • A review of their schedule and work hours.
  • Confirming that all necessary forms are filled out.


Sometimes, business owners don’t think they need something like this because they do not hire often, but having an employee onboarding checklist is important. Start with our list, improve on it, and hand it off to someone else as your company grows.


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