By: Marjurie Albarillo



Traveling alone is not sad; it’s about being independent. It’s all about appreciating nature alone. The tranquility, the vibe, the serenity, and the calmness. People would always think that when you travel alone means you are sad. I disagree.


Some people loved to be alone than to be accompanied. I’m one of those people. I’d rather travel alone because I appreciate nature more. When you’re alone, you can do what you want.


No one will tell you what you need to do. You’re your boss.



Traveling alone means ‘Me-time’

You can reflect on yourself. You can shut all the negativities and worries that you have in mind. You are free to do all the things that you wanted to do. You’re free.


You can step outside your comfort zone

You can try things for the first time. You can do it without any pressure on your mind. You’re doing things because that’s what you want to do and not because someone told you to do it. You can discover things on your own.


It can help your problem-solving and decision-making

It can help you to channel your courage, especially during times of personal growth and change. It is instrumental in achieving a much clearer headspace for upcoming decisions in your life. 


You’ll be more motivated to work on creative projects

Quietness will calm you down. You will be more creative and will be more focused on the project that you have. You will have more time to think and do it without any pressure. When you’re untethered to the demands of others, you’ll find it easier to nurture your creativity.


All of us want to travel. All of us wanted to have the ‘me time.’ 

But not all of us can do it, one of the reasons is because of our work. That’s the advantage of hiring a Virtual Assistant from The VA Hub.  

You can travel while you’re working. You can do your tasks while looking at the beautiful beach when the sun is setting. 

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