Is Your Business On The Right Track?

Still wondering how your company will be successful and manage finances to employ staff to help your business grow? Have you considered hiring virtual assistants but are still hesitant of the challenges you may encounter as if they can really help your company scale?

Here is the complete beginner’s guide after hiring a Virtual Assistant

1.  Know What Virtual Assistants Do and Their Cost –   Virtual Assistants can do anything for your business to grow. They are skilled workers that can be assigned with any projects and tasks. If you have already mapped out the tasks of your business, delegate those to each VA so they can determine their specific job roles

The Virtual Assistant rates vary depending on the level of task and projects but it definitely has lower rates than building a physical office and hiring staff.

2.  Conduct Interviews  – Knowing your staff is really important. Knowing their skills and personality can establish a good relationship and work environment. Moreover, it can also set expectations for both parties and can ensure that you are on the same page on running your business.

3.  Check Time Your Zones –  Because many virtual assistants are not in the same location as you, you need to make sure of their availability if they can work at the same time as you desire. Discuss with the VA the operation time you want them to be available so it would be easy for you to clarify something with them if needed

4.  Begin your small tasks – Give the tasks one at a time, start with small ones then increase their workload as the days go by while they’re acquiring skills and knowledge. Let them familiarize your business system and how it works

Make sure to consider these guides before hiring a virtual assistant before making a decision. One thing is for sure, if you found the perfect one, be ready to make your business a success.

“Behind a successful and happy business owner is an amazing Virtual Assistant” – Rosie Shilo

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