“HUB”-it to Success: Why Teamwork is Better than Working Alone

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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. ” – African Proverb


Individual work can really be compelling at times. Especially when you are already used to succeed and accomplish tasks on your own. One may not feel the need to work together with a group of people. Working on your own develops your individuality and sense of responsibility. You are in charge of your pace and decisions. It’s always up to you to learn from your mistakes and motivate yourself every time you fail or find yourself at fault.

Teamwork, on the other hand, can prove more advantageous when everyone is working efficiently and effectively to achieve a common goal.  A group of people can work on different tasks simultaneously, which an individual can not do by themselves. We can’t have a football game with 11 players going versus 1 now, can we?

When we work as a team, we consider the different skills and abilities of everyone in the group and use it to our advantage. The individual dynamics increase the chances of us looking at things from a different perspective. We can weigh the pros and cons of resolutions and plans without prejudicing our personal interest and come up with the best decision which can benefit the company as a whole.

As cliché as it may sound, no man is an island. You can only go as far as where your abilities can take you. But what if you got sick or had to attend to an urgent matter? Who’s going to fill in for you and do the tasks that you need to do?

There will come a time that you would have to take calls and answer queries while dealing with a list of appointments. Not to mention the paperwork that comes with completing a transaction. Believe me, you’re not the first and only person in the world who wished they could have more than one pair of hands than what they actually have now.

We can be your EXTRA set of hands. Not only that, but we could also be an extension of your brain to help you come up with a strategic plan for your business. We could also be your additional set of ears and mouth, to aid you in taking those calls while you are on an appointment.

That and many more. The VA Hub is committed to developing multi-skilled VA’s, who are passionate about what they do, to assist people like YOU. These multifaceted individuals are trained to not only supplement your marketing skills but also assist you in completing those real estate transactions while getting one of the most competitive virtual assistant rates in the Philippines.

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Contributor: Rhenia Catacutan