How your business could hit the ground running in 2021

By: Adriane Arzaga


Announcements lifting the recent lockdown restrictions late this year have raised spirits, stock markets, and hope. But this doesn’t mean that consumers will be heading back to normal. Social distancing has required retailers to shut or cope with limited consumer traffic, leaving E-commerce the only practical and safe sort of purchasing most business-to-consumer products.

The pandemic is shaping absolute changes in consumer habits, consumption patterns, and buying behavior.

And because of this, businesses must rehash their business plans to remain relevant.


Photo source: Unsplash.com by Victor He


Check this list to see how consumer behavior has shifted during this unprecedented year.

A. Consumers’ point of view is changing. Shoppers are now focusing on necessities and maybe cutting off purchases that they consider as splurge items.

B. Consumer brand loyalty is now tied to availability. Adjustments are expected to be made in logistics and deliverables, affecting a huge portion of business operations.

C. Category spending is shifting faster than ever before. With the shift to e-commerce comes a rush of knowledge concerning consumer’s buying behavior.


Photo source: Unsplash.com by Ben Kolde
Let’s discuss the big elephant in the room: Digital Transformation.

Business owners must prioritize digital journeys and new ways to interact with customers because it’s a promising way to achieve growth and cost reduction. Listening through analytics becomes even more critical to make value.

Digitize your operations and marketing. This is no longer a matter of choice.

The good news is, though somehow tedious, you’ll now start collecting data about your audience and have interaction with your current and potential customers in new ways through website analytics, email marketing, program optimization, and social media marketing and advertising.

Finding and hiring a virtual assistant is absolutely one of the best investments every entrepreneur should consider to ensure a sustainable business.

Virtual assistants also require the least maintenance and most cost-efficient employees you’re ever going to hire.

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