How to manage stress: Living life to the fullest

By: Patricia Salazar



Stress is something we encounter daily, but we were not taught how to handle it. As an adult, the stress level seems to be getting so frequent and high. 

Now I understand the saying, “don’t grow up. It’s a trap”. So, what do we need to do to handle stress with grace?

Save your sanity with these tips: 

  1. Determine the source. Start a list from the most to least damaging.
  2. Openly talk about it and be receptive to valuable feedbacks.
  3. Take a break for at least a day a week. Let yourself relax by not doing anything you are forced to do.
  4. Set limitations and try harder to stick to them.
  5. Pause and meditate. Try to clear your head for at least 10 minutes every day. Smell the flowers as you walk, feel the earth.
  6. Exercise daily and get some sun whenever you can. You will always feel better after.

If not, according to www.webmd.com stress might cause a few chronic and mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, personality disorders, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms, heart attacks, and stroke.

As a business owner and professional, time seems to be one of the biggest concerns. We always say there is so much to do but so little time. So how do you manage stress and take as much time to recoup? 

It has been a huge hit for professionals and businesses to keep them running and hustling to acquire more clients and sales! How great it is to have someone trained to do all the mundane tasks that take so much of your valuable time. It could have been spent doing the things you love, spending it playing with your child or doing sports that you enjoy, would you agree? It’s worth looking out for! 

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