How to Keep Your Social Media Profile Up-to-Date

Imagine living in the 1700’s way before the internet was discovered and you wish to relay an important message to someone across the sea: a time wherein the old postal system is the next available option to have this accomplished without physically going into the said location. Envision how long and agonizing it would feel to wait just to receive correspondence at this early time. Then compare it with the current advancement in technology and on how it made our daily lives so much easier. From transportation to telecommunication, the current advancements made it more manageable for us slowpokes to reach across one point to the other in an instant.


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Unsurprisingly, we, the claimed social beings of the animal kingdom, poured much effort into gaining further benefits and improvements when it comes to communication as we consider it one of the most vital aspects of our social existence.

‘Social media for example, when it comes to mind, are often associated with connecting to people. Unknowingly, it has been around for a couple of decades, but it wasn’t until 2006 when Facebook took the world by storm by launching a new innovative experience in social networking. We started setting up these social media accounts having the main goal of communicating in a timely manner and reach out to our friends, former colleagues, a loved one, a business partner, a favorite influencer, your devoted followers, and to whoever we want to connect or reconnect with no matter where they are located across the globe with whatever information you wanted to convey.

Thirteen years after social media took off, people have been busy being creative in utilizing social media. It’s now being used by bloggers, influencers, businesses, and even finding a job. Imagine my surprise when ads started appearing in the Facebook and Youtube videos I watched. It was honestly impressive how people come up with fresh new ways to exploit the advantages of social media.


If you still haven’t realized how much social media has evolved over the years, here are important points to note why keeping your social media profile up-to-date is essential:

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  • It helps connect you to the world.

As obvious as it sounds, this is the top reason why social media was born in the first place. For influencers, it’s vital that they keep updated profiles as they have audiences following their posts whether it’s just a fun video, informational, up today trends (clothes, music, event, dance crazes, etc.), or even what’s happening in their life right now. However, being connected is not limited to social interaction. Missing people now have more chances of being found thanks to more immediate and full-range awareness raised on social media platforms.

  • It provides awareness of different global issues.

This does not only apply to the general public. When you are running a business it also helps to know what’s going on around the world. This will allow businesses to determine how and where they can focus their products and services.

  • It enhances your credibility.
Impressively, social media has now also been used in finding a job. Having an updated profile allows the company you applied for to know that you are who you say you are. Aside from that, companies raising awareness of their brands can also prove the credibility of their products and services. Nobody wants to deal with business when you can’t be bothered to update your profiles, right?

Now that we’ve learned the reason for keeping our profiles updated, we’ll show you a few things on how you can keep it fresh and hot:

  • Use appropriate tools

Whether you’re a famous influencer or just a regular person trying to keep your profile up-to-date for your next big interview, you can always use a little help with some apps. We’ve done it a lot of times in our early years trying to edit our pictures, adding filters and quotes. It’s no different from the popular Canva being used today. There are several other apps on the internet as well that you can use for photo and video editing.

  • Use fresh, relevant, and interesting topics

Being up-to-date also means you keep tabs about what is hot and new. Of course, it can be hard to talk about something you’re not interested in, so keep it where you’re comfortable talking about.

  • Try getting a virtual assistant

You may be wondering why you should get a virtual assistant? If you’re not that all busy, that’s fine. You can manage your social media all by yourself. But I’m just starting my business, isn’t it too early to get a virtual assistant? That is exactly the right time to get a virtual assistant especially when you got all hands on deck and you barely have time to manage your social media. A virtual assistant is not only adept in managing your social media but can also perform different tasks for you. This goes out to big businesses out there, too. As your business and company grow, you’ll find you can assign other administrative tasks to them as well.

Still not sure about getting a virtual assistant? Contact Us and we’ll help you decide.

I hope this all comes to a realization that our social media account(s), whether it may be for business or personal use, must be up-to-date containing not only FAQ’s, interests, or whatever information that best describe what you represent but also how, where, and when to best reach you because the opportunity at stake is quite endless. From having more customers perceiving the latest trend/gadgets to strengthening the bond of a relationship that we wanted to build. After all, who would have wanted to wait for eons to receive an important message/announcement/parcel simply because the postman does not have a clear forward address right?


Contributor: Monica  Opamin