How A VA Can Help You With Meetings

Do you have an upcoming meeting with your vendors, sponsors, and other business owners but are overwhelmed with the amount of preparations and a mountain of tasks that you need attend to? Have a worry-free meeting by hiring a Virtual Assistant now!

In this blog post, we will provide you the rewards and benefits of having a Virtual Assistant and how they can help you in meetings.


Calendar Management – Your VA can schedule and confirm your meetings via a cloud-based calendar system.

Prepare, Organize your Meeting Presentation – Can execute an organized and visually appealing presentation for your meeting within a quick turnaround time or even on a short notice.

Email Correspondence – You can set up your Email application so your VA can manage your incoming messages, send replies and forward to you messages that require your urgent attention.

Travel Arrangements – Can arrange your travel needs should the meeting will be held out of the country or somewhere else.

Reliable Researcher – Your VA will be the one to find the best venues, hire caterers, choices of food, prepare and send out meeting materials that will be used, and etc.

Communicate with attendees – In charge of sending reminders, follow-ups and updates regarding the meeting to all attendees, speakers, vendors, and others via phone, email or chat.

Additionally, here’s how a VA can help you..

During the meeting

  • Video VA in to take notes and to record meeting
  • Use screen sharing
  • Takes notes
  • Be your support to things that need to be addressed, so there is no overlooking anything
  • Monitor and troubleshoot during the meeting



After the meeting

  • Fill out expense reports and track reimbursements
  • Follow up with correspondence
  • Manage tasks assigned
  • Communication




Having a set of extra hands on your meetings can reduce additional workload and can bring good results and potential growth to your business. It can also decrease operational expenditures and save you a lot of your time.

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Contributor: Samuel Onato
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