How A VA Can Help In Meetings

A busy week might quickly fill up with meetings and appointments, and keeping track of every appointment is much harder without an assistant. A virtual assistant is not only able to arrange meetings on your behalf, but is also able to fill out event calendars for you, so that when you need a reminder of important events all your information will be ready to view. With the help of a professional skilled in scheduling, you can fit more appointments into each work day.

When you are researching something for a presentation, your virtual assistant can summarize the information you have, and can also do more online research on your behalf, so that you do not have to spend time trawling for something useful. A VA who is adept at crafting compelling PowerPoint presentations will save you preparation time when you have upcoming meetings or product pitche.

Ways We Can Help

This is where Virtual Assistants come in really handy in scheduling meetings. There are so many things you can delegate to a Virtual Assistant.


  • Proofreading
  • Responding to emails
  • Answering phones
  • Social media management
  • Calendar management
  • Schedule the meeting
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Hire caterers, food etc
  • Coordinate speakers
  • Manage the rest of the team
  • Conduct research
  • Proofread documents
  • Prepare presentations
  • Prepare and send out meeting materials
  • Communicate with attendees


  • Record the meeting and take minutes
  • Be your right-hand woman so you don’t miss anything
  • Use screen sharing
  • Takes notes
  • Be your support to things that need to be addressed, so there is no overlooking anything
  • Monitor and troubleshoot during the meeting


  • Fill out expense reports and track reimbursements
  • Follow up with correspondence
  • Manage tasks assigned
  • Communicate with attendees and other staff members

EVERY VA KNOWS Client’s Preferences

Your Va’s first priorities will be learning your preferences and handling your scheduled meetings.

the sooner your VA understands your preference, the sooner your VA begin knocking out scheduling meetings without the need to ask questions at every turn.

Block Off All Possible Conflicts

Talk with your VA about your day-to-day routines, and your VA will make your calendar always reflects everything that could affect the flow of your day.

Integrate Seamlessly With Your Smartphone

Make things as quick and easy as possible—you’ll thank your VA later when you’re on the run!

Strive for Time Zone Clarity

time zone clarity and conversion is important to keep in mind that not everyone will specifically note time zone differences.

Offer Options

Offer alternatives and flexibility to increase your chances of securing the appointment quickly.

Let Your Inbox Do the Work

Organize and configure your inbox that will allow more visibility for pending items.

Include an Email Confirmation

All the requisite details are included in the calendar invite I send, but if the receiver’s calendar is not set up to accept invitations from my platform (Outlook vs. Google Calendar, for example), I want to make sure they still have all the information they need for the appointment.

Not only can a VA do all of this for you, but they can give ideas and support you throughout the process as well. Doesn’t this sound so much better than having to do it all yourself? And the best part? It’s all affordable!

Many assume that such assistance must come at a high price, however, VA’s are a cheaper alternative to a full-time employee.

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Contributor: Alwen Castro
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