HOA – What is It and How Can We Benefit From Them?

What’s an HOA?

HOA also known as Homeowners’ Association is an organization of homeowners of a particular subdivision, condominiums, townhouses or other planned communities. HOA maintains common property and sets rules limiting what owners can do on their property


Unlike any other associations, membership in homeowners associations (HOA) is not something you can say ‘NO’ to; membership is compulsory. As you purchase a new property, you are obliged to join the HOA, pay dues, and follow every rules and standards set for the community, unless that community doesn’t have an HOA. HOA rules are known as Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCR).

Now, what are the possible rules that the HOA might imply?

First, each community has its own set of rules, but here are some common rules implement by HOA which are considered important:


  1. Paying homeowner association fees
    Normally the homeowners’ association fees are paid monthly and typically go to community amenities such as swimming pools, basketball courts, ground maintenance and more.

  1. Keeping the noise level down
    We need to make sure we are not causing headaches to our neighbor by causing too much noise. We need to be considerate and thoughtful at all times. We need to minimize the noise level to avoid upsetting our neighbors.

  1. Clearing up our mess
    As a homeowner, we need to take care of our own mess, making sure it’s not cluttering just anywhere in the neighborhood.

  1. Parking rules
    The community may set up a rule not to park just anywhere even for guests and not just for homeowners.

  1. Pets
    HOA may impose a rule about the maximum number of pets a homeowner could have, and even the kind of pet, the breed and even the size of the pet.

  1. Behavior
    Not everyone is easy to get along with and we may encounter people who are hard to deal with in our neighborhood, but despite that inevitable fact, we need to make sure we are not going to make a big ruckus in the neighbor. We should avoid fighting, verbal abuse, even drunkenness and other negative behaviors that can result in fines or worst, possibly to jail time.

Now, is having a HOA in the community really beneficial to the neighborhood?
And the answer is 


Others may find the rules annoying or too much but the rules are there just for the sake of having rules, but for the benefit of everyone.




How can we benefit from it?

  1. It maintains peace and order in the community
    Just as what had been stated in the common rules, we are obliged to be mindful of our behavior, and if we are to keep the rules properly, we can avoid dealing with angry neighbors. It will be more peaceful and safe.

  1. It keeps our environment clean
    We can assure that cleanliness had been maintained in our swimming pools, basketball courts, parks, playgrounds and other amenities.

  1. It serves as the Community’s Mediator
    At any time, if you have any disputes with your neighbor like their trash by the street or their noisy dog, you can raise this concern to the HOA and they will be the one to address it properly.

  1. Say Bye-bye to Pests
    Some HOA takes pests elimination to the higher extents. The will be providing pest control to the community. No stray dogs and cats, termites, skunks or raccoons.


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