Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant

What is Virtual Assistant?

Typically abbreviated to VA, virtual assistants are in general, independent contractors who provide professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office. VAs help free up precious time for their clients by taking on some of the their tasks.

The short answer is they can do everything if you want them.




Here are some things a VA can do. Somebody who can take one of these tasks off your list, or all of them, or something in between.

  • Graphic designs
  • Managing all your social media
  • Handling routine email
  • Helping with SEO for your posts
  • Writing blogs
  • Researching potential content ideas
  • Copy editing your content
  • Editing photos, videos or podcasts

When to hire your first virtual assistant?


Imagine this. Your online business has started to boom. Sales are through the roof, you’re busy all day, every day, and you are truly reaping the rewards. But you’re starting to feel run down, stressed out, and wondering if it’s all worth it.

Stop! Don’t think like that.
Sounds like you need a VA!

You know you are ready to hire a virtual assistant when:

  • You know what VA can do for you.

You already know exactly what you want to outsource. Things like graphic designers, video or podcast editors, Facebook ad managers and digital marketers who can set up sales funnels are some examples.


  • You should know your budget expectations

You need to know how many hours per week or month, and you need to know the range of hourly rates you’ll be dealing with. Combine those two, and you have a figure for your starting budget.

  • You should know what you want to prioritize for outsourcing

Some clients want to outsource what’s easiest to chop off and hand over (Social Media Management for example).

Others want help with their biggest deliverables such as lead calling or appointment setting. Some focus on handing off the tasks that are most difficult, most time-consuming or most unpleasant like blog management or graphic design. And another approach is to hire out the tasks you know you “should be” doing, but don’t know how to do or you don’t want to take the time to learn.

If there’s anything you want to outsource, you can be sure there’s a VA who can pick it up for you!

  • Training you’ll need to do

The more experienced a VA is, the less training you will need to do. But if you are working with a newer virtual assistant or if you use a highly specialized software or process, you can expect to do a fair amount of training.


Decide how much training you’ll be willing to do.

And how will you find the right one?


Research as much as possible beforehand. Set expectations in advance with your VA. Make sure your VA has a positive track record of delivering tasks and completing projects consistently over a long period of time. Be firm, but make sure that your assistant has the time & available information to learn and understand what you want.



Find some other people you trust and ask them who they use and recommend. Then go from there. You’ll do a lot better seeking out recommendations. If you don’t know anyone personally, ask people in your networking groups whom they recommend.” says by Soul Rich Woman


Time is one of the precious things in your life you can never get back. Delegation of tasks help us to accomplish the work without doing it ourselves, but at the same time getting very good results. We need to spend time on what is really important for us at the moment – family, friends, developing business we have invested to so much.


Go on and hire a virtual assistant for your business!

Contact us to discuss your virtual assistant needs. We want to make sure we are a good fit before you hire your first VA!