Here is Why the Size of Your Email List Does Not Matter

An enormous email audience is good, but marketers must never put more importance on the size of their email list over the amount of the engagement with customers or leads. Today we will share with you four ways to guarantee your list focuses on quality over quantity


Some agree that list growth is a top priority for marketers, this usually only results in inboxes and social media feeds that are full of “so-called” experts offering to help grow their lists. The idea that you should gather a large email audience can make a lot of sense. And honestly, there’s not a lot wrong with having a large email list. It only presents a problem when online marketers get so above and beyond on cultivating a large list that they end up with email addresses who don’t want to be on that list and who may have been deceived into signing up.  Luckily, it is pretty easy to fix this.

Quality Over Quantity

The best marketers will never talk about the size of their email lists. This is because they focus on using email to deliver quality campaigns to their customers. That means generating a list made up of people who actually want to be in it and are looking to hearing from them.

Here are ways to make sure your list focuses on quality over quantity:

  1. Do a health check.A large list can seem impressive but dig deeper and check for addresses that are invalid or out of date. Did you know that top quality email lists can shrink by up to 30% per year just from users changing their addresses? So, regularly check the validity of your list and purge old, inactive addresses.
  2. Utilize double opt-ins. You will get less sign-ups by asking users to approve that they want to be on your email list but those who opt in will be completely invested. The willingness to take an extra step means they really want to be included. It will also automatically exclude addresses containing spelling slips and typos, preventing the hard bounces.
  3. Use modern and interesting tactics to acquire subscribers. Take advantage of social events to get email sign-ups. This is also true for gated content like white papers. Setting up a form or an unobtrusive pop-up on your website can also generate leads. AVOID buying a list.
  4. Methodically win-back your list.Most marketers are familiar with this concept but to recap, you should regularly reach out to users from your list if they haven’t engaged in a certain amount of time. The fact that you’re sending to adresses who aren’t engaging candamage your deliverability with a lot of mailbox providers. You should send awin-back email, which is an email intended to regain their attention.


The bad days of spam gave email marketing a bad rap but now that spam can be less of an issue, both marketers and consumers are once again appreciating the true value of email marketing. But marketers will only make the most of their email campaigns if they have high-quality lists. This means looking at email less as a marketing channel and more as an opportunity to create and maintain customer relationships. That’s where email marketing — when done well — truly shines.


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