Creating Urgency to Increase Conversions and Sales

Have you ever found yourself debating against buying something on sale right away just because it was a limited-time opportunity? I sure have!

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As a consumer, you don’t want to feel left behind on those super crazy discounts and limited-time offers, so the urgency is there. Do you buy it now so you can save or do you buy it later and regret?

Fact check: Consumers have the tendency to impulsively buy something just because they are anxious and have this fear of missing out.

In reality, consumers will often buy products thinking they would be able to save something, regardless if they need the item right away or not. Creating anxiety in your market will make them want to buy your products or services right away–after all, nobody wants to feel being left behind.

That being said, entrepreneurs actually have the upper hand in boosting their sales through proper marketing and creating a sense of urgency. According to entrepreneur and marketing pro Dan Tyre in his article 43 Questions to Create A Sense of Urgency:

“Your product can be a great fit for your prospect. . .but unless they feel a sense of urgency, your prospect won’t buy”


Here are some ways you can create urgency, according to Search Engine Journal in their blog 10 Ways You Can Create Urgency to Increase Conversions and Sales:

  1. Offer something people want – It is essential to know your market so you would have an idea of what to offer. Regardless if it’s on sale, if your market doesn’t want it, they won’t buy it.
  2. Set a deadline – This would create the anxiety causing people to buy right away lest they miss out on a great “opportunity”. Knowing that a sale won’t last for long, consumers won’t have too much time to have second thoughts.
  3. Offer a bonus incentive – This can be in non-monetary form like FREE SHIPPING for a minimum purchase of $100, or FREE GIFT for the first 10 buyers. They’ll fall for it!
  4. Use numbers – “Only 3 left”–again this creates anxiety in your audience.
  5. Keep the pressure on – If people tend to ask you questions regarding your product or services, and for some reason just leave, you may follow up with a quick email to see how things are going.

Additionally, you may put a comment and rating section on your website. Not only does this help you show prospects how competent your products and services are, but it can also help you focus on areas to improve should there be any.



With marketing and the proper use of social media, ideas and possibilities are endless. In this modern day, it is much easier to persuade customers into checking out your offers, and finally buying your products or services and CLOSING THAT DEAL. But as in all things, observing moderation is very important–you don’t want to drive away your customers by overdoing it and being “pushy”, or worse creepy. It’s best to just give away offers from time to time and make sure to deliver.

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Contributor: Happee Lumanag