Collaborative Effort Makes A Business More Successful

Back in the day, businesses had to print out survey sheets, then hire someone to distribute them to get people to fill them out. This is to be able to get data on how consumers will perceive a certain product or get feedback on their preferences. It was expensive, time-consuming, and inefficient, considering the small amount of ROI they would get from such a tedious endeavor. Not to mention how this strategy can only reach so little, in such a huge demographic of consumers in the market. Now, businesses can create online polls, send surveys through email, do live streaming on social media, send text advertisements, with very minimal effort and cost. The power is now literally right at your fingertips.

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Big office spaces were necessary for daily operations in the past. Supervisors were walking around on the floor, checking if operations were going as planned. Now, more and more businesses have been acquiring remote workers. In fact, according to statistics, 66% of companies are now allowing remote work, and 16% of companies now are fully remote. Businesses are now hiring either freelance workers who can work remotely for a few hours a day or full-time employees who can perform their assigned 9-5 duties anywhere in the world. The real estate industry in the US is an example of this. They have been hiring Virtual Assistants in the Philippines, so the Real Estate Agents won’t have to juggle between doing prospecting calls, and meeting with possible buyers and sellers. Virtual Assistants can now do prospecting calls for them, so they can have more time meeting with clients and have marginally bigger opportunities in making sales.

It is a proven fact that adopting modern business techniques are essential in today’s busy world. Hiring remote workers has become an integral part of businesses, and you need someone you can trust. If your goal is to make your business more successful, and you need remote workers to achieve it, contact us today here, because the future is now!

Contributor: Gerro Abary