Balancing Work and Family Life

“A man should never neglect his Family for Business.”

– Walt Disney


How would we determine if we are balancing our work and family life? How much of our time is spent at work and how much of it is spent with our family?

According to the OECD Better life index, an interactive tool designed to visualize and compare some of the key factors that contribute to the well-being in OECD countries, United States functions adeptly in many measures of well-being relative to most other countries. Their top ranks are housing and condition spending, household income and financial wealth. They rank above average in health, jobs security and unemployment, education, personal security, subjective well-being, quality of the environment and civic engagement. They rank 30th out of 38 countries which are below average in work-life balance and social connections.

While we endlessly challenged to weigh work and family life, considering the right kind of job can lead to more quality time with our family.

According to the analysis data by Flex Jobs which has partnered with Global Workplace Analytics, there was a 115% increased in the workforce for work from home in the United States since 2005. The average years of age are 46 and older, with a higher median salary than an in-office worker and at least with a bachelor’s degree. Also, It was mentioned that work from home exceeds public transportation as the option to commute.

If this is the case, considering a work from home career is a good option for balancing work and family life. Let us narrow down some of the key factors.

Working Hours.

In an office setting, 1 in every 8 employees in the OECD works 50 hours or more per week. In a virtual office, employees work 40 hours per week.


The time spent in public or private transportation depends on how far our workplace is from our home. Even so, we still devote time in preparing to go to work every day. Having to work from home means a lesser time of preparation and no public or private transportation.

Providing financially for our family is necessary for our well-being. Spending quality time with our family is priceless.


Contributor: Dixie Elaine B. Parajas
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