Are You Efficiently Using Digital Marketing?

It’s okay to have confidence in your methods to achieving business growth. Confirmation bias inspires us to remain stagnant but that confidence can make us keep committing the same mistakes especially in marketing automation.

It should be simple:  Establish trust based on the value you can deliver. Are you sure you’re not pursuing that goal while repelling potential clients unwittingly? Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid:

Losing the Human Element

As automation becomes more and more popular, companies make the mistake of relying too heavily on it. In an effort to save time or impress customers, your business might automate excessively and replace key human interactions with AI interactions.

People have a need to connect with other humans and feel understood in a way that automation can’t provide. Instead of replacing employee-client interactions with automation, use it as a supplement. Use technology to identify opportunities for human interaction, not to replace that interaction.

Failing To Empathize

Just because something seems ideal to you does not mean that it will work for your customer base. When writing your message and your marketing materials, remember to make a point of empathizing with your clients. Instead of guessing what they might be thinking, a few carefully crafted questions will let you know the facts.

Researching your audience has gotten easier over the years. Being uninformed is no longer an option, and it’s a terrible excuse. Do enough research to be able to put yourself in the shoes of your hypothetical client and consider what would actually resonate with them and what you should filter out.

Pressing Send Too Often

It’s unbelievable how common it is for companies to overwhelm their customers. It’s easy to fall into this trap, since what the clients see as superfluous might be what you see as caring and transparent.

This mistake doesn’t only annoy customers — it also ironically prevents them from understanding what you’re trying to tell them.

Instead of sending as much outreach material as you can, think from your client’s point of view about what messages would be most valuable to include and how to convey them in the most concise format possible. This increases the chance that your customers will actually read the emails that you send them. It also improves your image by indicating that you value their time.

It’s Your Turn

The best way to avoid common mistakes is by being completely aware of them. After today, you should be more cognizant of whether your business is automating too much, missing some empathy, or sending out irrelevant material.

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