8 Advance Tools Every Social Media Manager Needs

Organization is one of the secrets to marketing success. If you are not handling your social media platforms well, or if you’re an agency manually managing multiple social media accounts, that needs to change today!

Whether it’s to repurpose or create brand new content, track analytics, manage multiple social profiles in one place,  launch ads, to engage with your audience or to create a comprehensive content schedule, having the right social media management tools is crucial to your business success.

However, the amount of social media management tools available in the market today can leave the beginner and even the more advanced marketer a little bit overwhelmed. So, here are our list of the top 8 social media and ads management tools for 2019.


Social Media Management

If you don’t use an app and individually jump from one social media account to another you will end up wasting a colossal amount of time and money.


Edgar – recycle your content to reduce your content creation workload

Edgar is a tool for automating the repetition of your content. It is a social media scheduling tool intended to help you get the most out of your pool of content by helping you schedule old posts.

Edgar’s main features include importing content, creating Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn updates for all that content, categorizing your updates and then scheduling the categories.

Price: $49 / month



Hootsuite – manage your social media profiles in just one place

Hootsuite is one of the oldest social media managing apps. Its interface hasn’t changed much since, but it is still extremely popular. Its main purpose is to schedule posts and to perform important brand presence management tasks.

One of the features that effectively structures your social media management is streams. This is where you generate a different stream for different social media platforms and activities. This makes it easy to effortlessly organize and manage all your activity. You can schedule posts and create streams for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Hootsuite also has a detailed analytics section where you can monitor all your activity with charts that are easy to interpret.

Price: From FREE, then a $25 a month option for up to 10 social profiles, $785/month for business plans



Buffer – schedule your posts, on the go!

Like Hootsuite, Buffer has been in the social media management scene for a while, and they are a reputable platform that allows you to handle multiple social profiles and functions with ease.

With many overlapping features to Hootsuite, some of my favorite Buffer features include the many ways you can use it. You can easily schedule content while browsing the web with their Chrome extensions, use the web app or their mobile app!

Buffer also suggests the perfect times to post based on your follower activity!

Price: FREE, $15 a month for 8 social profiles, business plan from $99 and $399 per month



Post Planner – curate your content calendar with engaging content

Post Planner is an awesome tool if you grow your audience reach through content curation instead of creation. Originally, it was for Facebook only but these days, Post Planner is improved for finding, planning and posting content for Facebook and Twitter. It also features Canva, Instagram and Pinterest integration.

It shows you trending content for sharing, status update ideas (15,000+) and analytics. Pretty neat!

Price: From $3 to $199



Ads Management

Like with any advertising efforts, you can lose money if you slipup. But, if you bank on one of the posts above and one of the tools laid out below, you’ll be in better position to succeed.


Facebook Business Manager – control your entire Facebook presence

Facebook Business Manager is a place to “manage ad accounts, Pages, and the people who work on them—all in one place.”

It’s a powerful app for your Facebook marketing and advertising activities, with admin controlled multi-user access to resources like Instagram and your product catalogs.

It gives you detailed reports and easy-to-understand visualization of how your ads are performing.

How to set it up

  1.       Go to https://www.business.facebook.com and then click the blue “Create Account” button in the top right corner.
  2.       Enter your business name in the pop-up screen, and click “Continue”
  3.       Enter your email into the next text box, and click “Finish”.


Facebook Ads Manager – get your brand in front of a highly targeted group of new customers

Using Facebook Ads Manager, you can access all of the marketing tools essential to creating targeted ads. It is the most basic Facebook marketing tool but make no mistake; this is an advertising tool that you need to learn if you plan on reaching your social media goals. Luckily, Facebook makes it simple to get started.

  •         Create a Facebook page or open an existing one.
  •         Give details on what you want to promote.
  •         Choose the best demographic for your ad.
  •         Set your budget and ad duration.
  •         Track and maintain your results.


Adwords – Google search ads

Google sells advertisements that appear in search results on the search engine. This is made possible with the use of Google AdWords or advertisements that appear on other websites through the Display Network and the Google AdSense program.

Pricing varies based on several factors, like the competitiveness of your keywords and industry, your location, the quality of your campaigns and more. The average cost per click for Google search ads in the USA across all industries is $2.32.

AdWords is running on an auction system. This takes place every time you do a keyword search.

To “win” and see your ads appear for keywords, you need to enhance your Quality Score in conjunction with your bid amount. Consider the following factors (among others) to give your better ad positioning:

  •         relevance of your ad to search query
  •         relevance of the Google keyword to ad group
  •         relevance of ad to its landing page
  •         historical click-through rate of the ad and its ad group
  •         overall account performance

Here are overall benefits of a high-quality score:

  •         Lower costs– Google rewards high Quality Scores with lower cost per click (CPC)
  •         Higher exposure – your ads will display more often, in better positions on the SERP


Google Shopping Ads – your products will show up on the shopping tab on Google searches

Google Shopping ads or Product Listing Ads (PLAs), have become an essential advertising channel for ecommerce.

PLAs are effective because they showcase high-quality image on the listing, as well as the price of the product at the very top of Google’s search engine results.

Google Shopping Ads success has three main areas:

  1.       Feed creation and optimization – product data, images, and price.  
  2.       Bidding
  3.       Monitoring and Optimization

Setting them up can be a little bit complicated at first, but, once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that the process is quite logical.


If you need an app for one particular feature, it is easy to find the right tool. But if you are looking for a social media management tool that has all the features to boost your engagement, get more leads, and grow your business with powerful social media presence and engagement, then we hope one of these suggestions is the best tool for you.


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