5 Tips on How to Build and Manage Your Professional Network

We all know that starting a business is something serious and should be taken seriously. However, it is not enough to have the money and courage in building and managing your business. You also need the knowledge on how to handle things that may occur along the way. So here are tips on how to build and manage your network for your business.

Find ways to widen your network

Taking a maxim from Robert Metcalfe, the inventor of the Internet, Daly says, “The value of your network grows as the square of the number of its users.” Talk to new people and “befriend people with no friends,” says Daly. “When someone new joins your company, be the first to help him or her out. If you make a friend of someone who has no friends, he’ll be your friend forever.”

In this way, you can use your friends or friends of friends to spread the language of your business. Let them do the word-of-mouth for you but you also have to show them that your intentions are good and you are not taking them for granted. So always wear a nice sweet smile every time you meet new people! (Source: http://business360.fortefoundation.org/tips-for-building-and-managing-your-network/)

Always have a sharp memory

Always give a good impression. Whenever you meet new people practice saying “Nice to see you,” and wear a smile. It doesn’t mean that you need to remember their names but just to give yourself an idea where and when you met them. You don’t want to be caught in a situation when someone greets you and you just can’t remember them. So always be sharp and always give your best self.

Know your business strengths and weaknesses then take action

You know what they say in metaphor, “Kill your own baby.”  As an owner of a business, you should know your strengths and weakness to make it grow. Address the strengths and make a plan on how you can maintain it. Same goes for your weaknesses, you should take strategic planning to address it and make it as your strength, too.

Go online!

Everything nowadays is digital and most of the people now are using various social media apps. You can use this opportunity to help your business grow and be recognized. You can create your own page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc or you can also build your own website.  There are tons of social media apps and ways to build your own website. In this way, you can easily let people know about your business. (Source: https://thevahub.org/improving-your-online-footprint/)


If you don’t know how to do it, get someone who does

Business is business and we all know that everything can be handled by you. From scheduling a meeting for business opportunities to managing your social media pages or website. So why not get someone who can take away the stress for you and other things on your plate? Virtual assistants are the best option for this. As everything now can be done over the internet, you can hire someone from trusted e-commerce that provided business to business solutions. One of them is The VA Hub. We provide a wide surface of services. From executive virtual assistants, marketing experts, lead management specialists to product sales specialists we have it. We will help you grow your business without putting so much effort and leg work.