5 Tactics to Make the Most of Your Productivity While Traveling

Whether you hate the thought of traveling or you look forward to it, it’s hard to refute that traveling can disrupt your productivity–at least for the time being. It takes long hours of preparation and coordination to make trips happen, and hours to navigate roads, not to mention the time you spend traveling.

It can make an entire day of responsibilities feel like a waste! Luckily, there are helpful strategies that can make you more productive—even when you’re setting course on a major trip:

  1. Get accustomed different sleep cycles.

Depending on where you travel to and how often you do, you could be dealing with timezone changes and some jet lag. It could be difficult getting eight hours of sleep especially when you’re used to getting it.

Try a biphasic cycle which rely on split patterns to divide your time sleeping; this way, travel may not have as big of an effect on you. The caution here is that it takes time to get used to a new sleep cycle, so it’s recommended for frequent travelers only.

  1. Look for coworking spaces in your destination.

Instead of going straight to a hotel, check into one of these productivity hubs where you’ll be able to get coffee, and work in a peaceful environment. It’s a great way to both decompress and get more work done. You must take advantage of it.


  1. Use audio.

Choose audio-specific tasks when you can. Listen to recordings of old meetings, catch up on your favorite podcasts, and listen to audiobooks that can improve your industry skills and expand your horizons. There’s no shortage of audio content our there, so make good use of them.


  1. Only prepare travel-specific tasks.

Prepare tasks that you can work on a single monitor or mobile phone, minimal lightning, or no WiFi, so you don’t run out of things to do. Have a few days’ heads-up and you can handle your least travel-friendly tasks in advance. Set yourself up to work offline for the next several hours or days.


  1. Delegate.

Even if you prepare, new things can to come to your attention during your travel. If they do and it is something that can’t be done efficiently when traveling, don’t bend over backwards trying to do it; instead, tell them you’re traveling, and not able to do it right now.

Better yet, hire someone who can take care of tasks for you. 



Finding Your Own Style

Not everyone is going to travel the same way. For example, some people may not be able to read while in a vehicle, and some may have trouble sleeping on airplanes. The goal isn’t to fall in line with a series of productive habits, but rather to craft your own habits to maximize your personal productivity. Learn which strategies and actions suit you best, and customize your own set of approaches.

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