5 Effective Marketing Strategies Online

Marketing your business online is a very effective way of reaching out to your potential customers, establishing credibility, and tracking your progress.

To help you reach your goal, we have compiled these 5 ways to market your business effectively online.


As you share and discuss more and more topics about your niche through your blog posts, you establish credibility with your audience, making you the go-to website of your target market.

To create a high-quality blog post, you need to think of what you want your readers to know as they read and what you want them to do after having absorbed all the information you just shared.

Do your research and tell your readers the truth and nothing but the truth. Include some links or information about your resources if you are talking about statistics as support and keeping it organized and straightforward.




If one of your customers shares their bad experience with your product or service on their social media account, their family and friends who are on the same platform will be able to read it and might get a wrong impression of your business. And we do not want this to happen.


Though we cannot control how your customers react, we can certainly do something to convert an angry customer to a happy customer by providing timely and accurate responses to their social media posts.


We want our customers to feel important, and in return, they will stay loyal to you and spread the right words about your business.




More and more people are relying on social media platforms for educational and entertainment purposes. It would be best if you utilized this opportunity to get your brand known as much as you can. Besides, viral videos equal money.




Sending emails with proper intervals and timing is a great way to tap your customer’s shoulder and tell them, “Hey! You forgot something in your cart”. Sending emails to your customers who had a previous engagement with your business is a great way to convert them into profit.


Collect their names and emails, and do not forget to ask permission.

As the days, weeks, months, and years goes by, you will be able to collect hundreds of contacts, meaning more and more potential customers who need a few reminders now and then to purchase your products or avail of your service.



Hosting a free or paid webinar is very convenient and cheap. There is no need to rent a space. A few people are enough to help you monitor and keep your webinar going.


Webinars are also a great way to create brand awareness. Since you were able to invite them to join you, this is already an indication that more and more people are starting to trust you.


Utilize this opportunity and spread brand awareness!


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Contributor: Eilaine Cruz