3 Reasons Why Integrating Remote Workers in your Business Workforce is a Game-changer

Have you ever wondered the secret to other company’s success despite seeing them with fewer employees than what their line of business should have?

Or are you doing the right things for your business, but is still wondering what’s keeping you behind your competitors or peers? There is actually no secret, BUT A STRATEGY you might be missing out on. A strategy when done correctly can elevate your business to heights you have never imagined achieving in a short span of time.

A key factor in this strategy involves hiring an offshore Virtual Assistant.

Let’s dig deeper on why hiring an offshore Virtual Assistant is a game-changing factor that made a lot of entrepreneurs skyrocket their business into greater heights.



1.) Flexibility and Versatility


VAs are remote workers or people who are working outside a typical office setup. They are focus-driven individuals who are trained or self-trained to perform an all-around set of tasks they are required to do. Tasks VAs perform range from admin jobs, appointment setting, scheduling, lead generation, graphic design, social media management, blogging, transcription, SEO, technical support, web design, email management and more depending on your business needs.

The schedule is flexible, sometimes they set their own schedule depending on the task to be done or their client needs.


2.) Cost-efficient


Going back to the question where you are wondering how a particular business succeeds even if it lacks physically present employees – here is your answer. Entrepreneurs who embrace this business formula and who have done it correctly can save an unimaginable amount of cash a traditional business can only dream of.

Imagine how efficient it is to have a VA who seems like a melting pot of skills performing a set of tasks that is typically done by more than 5 people.

Imagine having a 300 square foot office, but your business is run by 10 or more VA.

Your savings by hiring an offshore VA next month can be more than the profit you are going to make this month.


3.) Give time to everything else that matters


Now you know what a VA can do for you, go ahead and make time for other things you want to do in life. Travel the world, go on a hike, socialize with your friends, attend your son or daughter’s graduation, take your wife to a shopping mall and everything else you want now that you have a lot of free time. You as the business owner can take a momentary leave and assign tasks to your VAs. Expect everything to run smoothly by hiring a trustworthy VA.

Additional information and suggestion…

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If you are trying to find the right offshore Virtual Assistant for your business, you might want to try looking at countries like the Philippines or India where people are highly skilled. These countries also have high value for US dollars which is a key factor for hiring a VA cost-efficient.


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Contributor: Raymond Kiel