2020 Social Media Marketing Trends

As we all know, social media marketing is considered to be fast-paced. There are trends that go over time, and of course, there will be new ones taking over. 

How are we able to keep up with the sudden changes in marketing strategies for us to maintain our social media standing? Here are the social media marketing trends that will be a sure hit in 2020.


User-generated content (UGC) is any content- text, videos, images, reviews, etc. – created by people, rather than brands. Brands will share UGC on their own social media accounts, website and also with other marketing channels. 

Instagram is the primary platform for UGC. Users create and share posts featuring your brand, exposing your products and services to their audience. Better yet, you can share that content with your own audience, boosting your credibility in the process. 

Source: Hootsuite


Going live on Instagram is as easy as ticking the Live option on Instagram Stories. But when you use it for your business, then it will not be that easy.

You need to be prepared if you want to use this feature to promote your business. You need to have a clear idea about what you want to show and say. It is always better to practice and prepare your content before you start the show. 

Using Instagram Live for your business can benefit you a lot. It will give you great visibility since Instagram Live video appears at the top of the screen among the stories on the user’s feed. Your followers will get immediate notification about a Live stream. As soon as you go Live, Instagram will send a notification to all your followers to watch the Live Stream. Not just that, but of course, by doing Instagram Live you can interact with your followers in real-time. 


Branding is not just about getting your target market to select you over the competition. It can also help you in getting your prospects to see you as the sole provider of a solution to their problem or need. 

A good brand will have these characteristics:

  • Clearly deliver a message
  • Confirm the brand’s credibility in the marketplace
  • Emotionally connect target prospects with a product or service
  • Motivate your audience to get your service/product
  • Create user loyalty

Your brand is the source of a promise to your consumer. If you’re billing yourself as the manufacturer of the longest-lasting light bulb, your brand has to live up to that. 

Source: The balance small business


As its name describes it, a chatbot is a system designed to automatically reply to your messages on social media.

In the year 2020, chatbots will be a big hit. They can make your life a lot easier since it will help your consumers find solutions no matter what they are or what device they use – no forms, cluttered inboxes, or wasted minutes spent searching and scrolling through content. Communication, service, and transactions intertwine. And unlike the self-serving marketing of the past, bots provide a service. 

Related: HubSpot


Video content will remain a hit in 2020. However, you need to be more creative when it comes to your video content. Usage and spend on video marketing are likely to increase yet again this 2020. If you want more people to watch your videos ever before, you might want to consider doing these tricks: 

  • Long-form videos – While there’s no denying that shorter videos are easy to consume, especially on the go and via social media, they fail to allow brands to form the emotional connection that makes them memorable to consumers.
  • 360-degrees videos – 360-degree videos are bound to become a more popular option in 2020. Brands are more likely to embrace the immersive experience they offer in a bid to tell stories and gain engagement. 
  • Personalized videos – Personalization across marketing allows you to build a relationship with your audience by providing them with experiences that are tailored to them. This helps you stand out from the crowd, giving consumers a reason to purchase and addressing their requirements and pain points. 

Videos offer consumers content that can be quickly and easily digested among a number of channels. However, you need to ensure that you are using videos that can attract your target audience. You need to use the latest video formats and techniques in order to remain competitive. 

Source: SmartInsights


Influencer marketing has been continuously evolving. If you want to be ahead in the game you need to consider getting talented influencers to help you with promoting your business. Here are some influencer marketing tips that will be a hit this 2020:

  • Instagram Reigns Supreme – Instagram will still remain as the top-performing influencer platform this 2020 with the growing emphasis on IGTV. 
  • Getting real with content – The popularity of visual-forward platforms has led to many dynamic, interactive visual trends, with next-level photo and video editing apps making professional quality imagery accessible to nearly everyone.
  • Combining different strategies for maximum impactIn 2020, we’re going to see brands relying on a mix of content strategies to really put some power behind their digital marketing. Influencer content will be combined with professionally-designed assets for branded imagery, infographics, social content, custom blog images and more. Influencer content studios are likely to grow in popularity as an option for businesses that want the right kind of creative work without the overhead of a big agency or a full-fledged influencer campaign.

Influencer marketing in 2020 is likely to be better than ever before. It’s going to be more targeted, transparent and even more effective. If you want your business to be even more successful this 2020, then you might want to get an influencer to promote your business. 

Source: Forbes

For you to maximize your business potential you need to consider every marketing trend that can help you reach your target audience. We always need to be open to the dynamic changes of technology for us to at least be on track with the game. Always remember that marketing your business is the foundation of your success. 

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