10 Apps To Bring Your Business Online This 2019

It’s important for all small businesses to have an online presence in today’s digital marketing world. It doesn’t matter if you’re a successful small business or one that’s only about to start; bringing your business on the web may be for the best. The benefits the Internet gives are exponential and can aid a small business not only get started but thrive in a viable marketplace.

Did you know that ninety-one percent of customers search online for local goods and services? Nowadays, people prefer to find information swiftly online using their computer or a handheld device, which means your business definitely has to BE online in order to be FOUND online.

Given the flexible options now available to leverage the Web, any business of any size can benefit from the Internet. Here are our list of tools that you can use to make it happen.


Squarespace – website creator

Squarespace is a website building platform. It has built a reputation on being an all-in-one platform, that’s very easy to use. Squarespace is well known for its top quality templates, and modern features. Small businesses and a lot of creative professionals just LOVE Squarespace.

Once you have a good grip on how adding and moving around Squarespace blocks works, you can create a new page and update information on a current page in just minutes. In addition, the Squarespace team takes care of its own security updates, changing back end systems to adapt to new functionality and SEO best practices.




WordPress – website creator

WordPress is the world’s most famous tool for creating websites. WordPress can create any style of website, from a blog to a full-featured ecommerce website using the popular WooCommerce plugin.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never built a website! Because with WordPress, you don’t need any skills in coding or design to create a professional looking website. There are hundreds of free themes to choose from. With WordPress, it’s very easy to build your website without writing a single line of code or knowing anything about HTML.




G Suite – online collaboration and file management

G Suite is Google’s collection of intelligent apps. It was formerly known as Google Apps, until it was re-branded in 2016. We recommend G Suite for anyone that needs email hosting for their business. However, G Suite is a lot more powerful than just email. G Suite also includes a wide assortment of collaboration apps and features that can come in handy for any type of organization. In fact, you are probably already using some of them.

Here are the features included in the basic plan:

  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs and Google Sheets
  • Google Keep
  • G Suite Admin Console
  • Google Hangouts
  • Google Forms
  • Google Slides
  • Google Sites
  • Google Management

More Features for G Suite Business and Enterprise Users

  • Cloud Search
  • Vault



FreshBooks – cloud accounting service designed for small businesses and freelancers

Freshbooks is cloud accounting software designed for service providers, small businesses and many freelancers. You can use it to track time, create invoices, track business expenses, create reports, design estimates, launch follow up emails, and allow team members and your clients to log in.








Google Analytics – track site visitors

Given that your website is the fundamental source of your digital presence, it is the best way to give you an all-inclusive view of the effectiveness of the campaigns that you are running to endorse your product and services online. Google Analytics is a tool that can help you keep track of your digital marketing efficiency.

Google Analytics is free to use and this may be why over 50 million websites around the world uses it. If you are not using it yet, you should definitely set it up right now.




Device Magic – easy to build forms

Device Magic helps workforces utilize their devices to collect and submit data in real-time. It is a mobile forms software and data collection app that effectively substitutes your paper forms with customizable and easy-to-navigate mobile forms. Start collecting data without an Internet connection using your own mobile devices now and deliver accurate data from the field to the office in real-time.




Salesforce – CRM

Salesforce began operating as Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM company. Now, it provides several software solutions and a platform for users and developers to create and distribute custom software. Salesforce.com works on a multi-tenant architecture meaning multiple customers share common technology and all run on the latest release. You don’t have to worry about the application or infrastructure upgrades – they happen automatically. This helps your organization focus on innovation rather than managing technology.





Mention – get notified when your brand is mentioned on social media

Mention is a media monitoring tool that lets anyone see what’s being said about them, anywhere online. They help businesses, agencies, schools, NGOs, and individuals improve their marketing, and take control of their reputation.






Acuity Scheduling – calendar integration, resource management, automated emails, embeddable booking forms

Acuity Scheduling works as a personal assistant for your schedule and works non-stop behind the scenes to fill your calendar and take a load off your plate. From the moment your clients book with you, Acuity is there to automatically send branded and customized confirmations, text reminders, and let clients reschedule on their own. It will process payments so your day-to-day runs smoother even as business get busier. All you need to do now is show up at the right time!






Olark – live-chat

Olark is one of the most popular live chat tools out there, with more than 12,000 businesses. What’s great is that they have advanced features such as live chat automation or targeted chat.

With their “attention grabbers,” that can be put on top of a regular chat box, you’ll make sure that no visitor passes by not noticing the live chat. Pricing is simple: they feature a free plan (slightly hidden on their website), which only allows up to 20 individual conversations, and one premium plan. You can choose to pay monthly ($17), yearly ($15) or bi-yearly ($12).





Creating a website for your business is a thrilling and worthy undertaking. Remember to take the time to do it right the first time, because there is no fun or enjoyment in having to do it all over again if you don’t.