Top Marketing Podcasts

If you want to boost your marketing game, you need to understand and follow trending strategies. Podcasts are amazing resources to get more insight and amplify your social media content.

But which podcasts? Here are our top 5:

  1. Call To Action: Call To Action covers the essentials of digital marketing weekly. Catch tips and tricks from experts about conversion, optimization, pay-per-click marketing, SMM, A/B testing, content marketing and more.
  2. Social Media Marketing Podcast: Do you want a more appealing social media profile? Michael Stelzner, Social Media Examiner’s CEO, will help you improve your social media marketing strategy in this podcast. Catch success stories and fresh industry trends that will boost your content.
  3. Marketing Over Coffee: This is the perfect podcast to listen to on your coffee break. The hosts record the show in a local coffee shop weekly and publish the show every Thursday morning. They go over traditional and marketing methods that are important for a reliable marketing strategy.
  4. Social ProsPodcast: Get up close and personal with experts in the content marketing industry. You’ll learn pro advice about the best practices in building your brand narrative, public relations, and much more.
  5. Success Made Simple: Listen to this podcast if you want to know how to create a winning mindset and ultimately succeed. Enjoy interviews with business professionals, athletes, and celebrities on their keys to success, brand identity and also marketing strategy.

The advantages of listening to podcasts is that they can help you increase your brand recognition, create a social media presence, and discover specific marketing campaigns that will your increase revenue in a way that is a lot easier for you to absorb.

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