Frequently Asked Questions


Why Outsource to the Philippines?

By outsourcing to the Philippines, you can free your on-shore staff to focus on core business activities and have the off-shore staff do the manual processes and administrative work. Outsourcing allows your to grow your business fast and provides you with the flexibility you need. It saves costs on building infrastructure, office space and providing supplies and HR functions. Cost-effectivity is not the only reason to outsource but you can also increase your service offerings.

Is there a language barrier in communication?

The remote staff we hire here in The VA Hub Inc. are well-educated and speaks English with a relatively neutral (US) accent. They are also aligned with Western culture. We are more than happy to set-up some test calls for you, to demonstrate this.


What’s the minimum number of staff I can employ through you?

There is no minimum number of staff you can employ through us – whether you need only one or multiple contractors or virtual assistants to join your team, we can help. We recognise that different businesses have different needs and we don’t want to limit expansion plans for your business. We see ourselves as a partner for growth, no matter the size of your organisation.


Can I have managerial control over my team?

You and your VA will be assigned an account manager to help with managing your staff but you can be as involved as you want to be or you can leave us with that task and just monitor the results.

For what size organizations is outsourcing most suitable?

Any business size can outsource be it a small, medium or large enterprises. Outsourcing is a low-risk and cost-effective opportunity, preferred by most entrepreneurs since they recognise the immediate benefits of outsourcing.