Meet The Team

Same heart.
Same Passion.


Michelle Miranda
Chief Operating Officer

Before I started working online, I was part of several companies where I had been a valued member of the management team. I worked as an executive assistant and human resources representative. During this time I was able to attend numerous management training programs that helped me become a better leader. After a few years I transitioned my career to working home-based starting out from the bottom as a virtual assistant. Eventually, the VA company I was with promoted me into a trainer position where I was able to put everything I have learned into practice. I quickly became known as a trainer with strict standards therefore assuring the high quality of my graduates.

Now, as a leader of The VA Hub, Inc., I continue to value hard-working people with unquestionable integrity who I can partner with to provide employment to Filipinos who can assure the world-class virtual assistant service we promise to our clients."

LA Garcia
Operations Manager

I started my home-based career as a virtual assistant 5 years ago. I provided assistance to several different clients working in different industries such as, real estate, investments and property management. I have mastered working remotely and the key to this is good communication and being organized. I always take notes, keep a clean workspace, and I use a series of tools to help myself stay on top of deadlines. After working as a virtual assistant I was promoted to a trainer position. During this time, I have already mastered the fundamentals of working as a virtual assistant and I teach this to other aspiring VAs to help them be more successful in their career. Now that I am the operations manager of the Training and Marketing Team here at The VA Hub, I am able to extend my help to more individuals who need help in jump-starting their VA career. I also promote Filipino virtual assistant services to other professionals because I believe in the potential and work ethics of our VAs and how much they can help with the success of any business given the right tools and training. The way I run my team still echos my need for organization, I have a logical filing method so I’m always able to find what I need. This increases efficiency and helps the rest of the team stay on track, too.

Human Resources Team

Niki Lauda Miranda
Senior Recruiter

I really enjoy working with people. I am fascinated with what people can do in building and operating companies. This is one of the main reasons I became a part of the Human Resources Team. Becoming a virtual assistant here at The VA Hub is one of the most rewarding careers I have seen. I believe in the services our VAs provide and the professional growth they can acheive in helping other businesses thrive.

Jassim Guila

As a recruiter, my main goal is to help the company find talented people with the greatest potential to improve, the most passion to learn their craft, and the toughest determination to succeed. We look for people who sincerely want to have a career and those with unquestionable integrity. It is really important as a recruiter to acknowledge every person's uniqueness and to identify their strengths and weaknesses along the process. It is important for me to follow the vision and mission of the company to help our fellow Filipinos find work from home. In this role I have to be very logical and objective. However, once in a while I will come across a person who clearly is not fit for the job but has grit and determination like no other and I just get that feeling that if I bring this person into the company they will do anything to succeed. That makes all the difference to me.

Marianne Villanueva
HR Administrative Assistant

One of my greatest assets as a recruiter is my ability to see good in everyone. I see an opportunity in everyone to be better and to improve. This allows me to be forthcoming in my selection of applicants. I don't judge the abilities of the people who apply to TVH based on what experiences they had but more on what qualities they posses.

Training Team

Jonathan Pulido
Real Estate Trainer

I always look on the positive side of things. I take the negative and look at it as a learning opportunity. I believe everybody has the potential for greatness and if there's a way that I can help someone achieve that, I will. As a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Trainer here at The VA Hub, Inc., my goal is to make my trainees realize their potential. My job does not only involve imparting knowledge and teaching marketable skills that help them advance their career in the feild of General Administration, Transaction Coordination, and Lead Generation; it also entails influencing people to believe that with the right motivation and the right mindset, they too can reach their goals.

Karla Kaye Quijano
Marketing Trainer

As a marketing trainer, I introduce fundamental Marketing concepts: SEO, Blogs for Business, and Social Media Marketing to aspiring Virtual Assistants. I conduct demos in creating diverse marketing materials such as photo and video content combined with illustrating website management using different online tools and platforms which provide opportunities for my trainees to discover and express their creativity. With years of experience in the training and people management, I've come to understand and learned to adjust to people’s different learning styles. I firmly believe possessing great skills and talent is insufficient to have a prosperous career as a virtual assistant, one must also have the correct frame of mind towards work.