Meet The Team

Same heart.
Same Passion.

Client Services

Mart Guerrero
Account Manager

Being part of the Client Services team, I maintain a level head so that I can be an effective liaison between our clients and our virtual assistants. I balance following the process strictly and being open to growth and changes. As a team manager, I make sure that our VAs are functioning well and that they remain professional in their dealings with their clients. Knowing our VAs at a personal level makes a few things difficult but this also helps me make better decisions for both our client and our VAs. This helps me ensure that I am fair but remain compassionate towards the well being of our VAs and their professional growth. I foster a good relationship between all of our clients. I assure them that I am here to assist not only their VAs but also to ensure the success of their investment. The culture of helping one another here at The VA Hub is what drives me to become better everyday!

Jeri Yulo
Account Manager

My role is to ensure that both our clients and virtual assistants are calibrated in terms of expectations, goals, and attainment; that our clients are satisfied with their VAs’ quality of work; that our VAs are not just monetarily but also morally fulfilled by their contribution to their client’s success. I find solutions to challenges our clients face and I provide assistance to VAs when needed. I liaise with both client and VA to promote a healthy, happy, and long term professional relationship.


Stef Faller
Marketing Assistant and Social Media Manager

I would describe myself as hard-working, easy going and a level headed individual. I am quiet but can probably hold a conversation for hours if I’m comfortable enough. As the marketing assistant of The VA Hub, I am responsible for sparking inspiration. I help promote the services of TVH to applicants here in th Philippines to inspire Filipinos to finally make the change to a home-based career and improve their skills further. I also promote the services of our virtual assistants to professionals and small businesses in the US. I inspire them to enlist the services of our VAs to help them with the success of their companies and professional careers.

Abigail Edralin
SEO Specialist and Web Developer

I have learned that the greatest contribution you can give a company is to do your work with passion and dedication to deliver your best always day in and day out. At The VA Hub Inc., my role is crucial as a SEO Specialist and Web Developer. It requires effort to thrust the company forward in the very competitive landscape of the digital web. My goal is to help the company be known as a formidable provider of quality service and a source of outstanding pool of talents. I strongly believe in our company and my colleagues as we both share the vision to pave the way for those who may need of our help either to start their careers as an employee or manage businesses for overwhelmed professionals.