Meet The Team

Same heart.
Same Passion.


Joseph Cabel
Senior Team Manager

My greatest asset as the Senior Team Manager of the Sales Team here at The VA Hub is that I am dependable. I do not give up on things easily, and I make sure to give my 100% all the time so if I fail, I do not lose the willingness to try again until I learn how it works. I follow through on what I say I will do because in sales you are as good as your word. I don't over or under sell the services of our Virtual Assistants. I don't need a lot of gimmicks I just say it how it is because I believe in the quality of our VAs and their dedication to succeed. I supervise the sales team process and implement strategic sales plans that help the team deliver our services to people who need it. I ensure that the collection and sales targets are met. I have a good sense of humor, too! The work we do in sales is stressful enough that I don't sweat the small stuff anymore. This air of lightness that humor brings cascades to the rest of the team which makes the work stressful but the work environment fun and stress-free.

Wendi Geronimo
Business Advisor

I am so proud to be part of TVH where we share one goal - "To have more clients to help more VAs so they can support their families by working at the convenience of their home". I want to share the opportunity given to me by TVH to all hard working Filipinos who want to provide a brighter future for their families. This has been my motivation everyday. This is why I value every client that I talk to. I listen to their needs and explain how can our VAs help them. Through this, I gained their trust and established a good connection with them. I believe that if you love your work, it will love you back. So, love what you are doing and always have a positive attitude towards work to achieve great results!

Irene Do
Business Advisor

Being in sales is a challenging yet rewarding career. I have pushed myself in levels I never knew I could achieve and I am so proud of myself for having able to overcome many challenges. I was never a sales person to begin with, but taking on this position has made me realize how important it is being in the frontline. This job enables me to help clients leverage their business by bringing a virtual assistant on to their team while at the same time being able to provide work to aspiring Filipino VAs. For me, being able to help out is what makes this job worth it . Apart from this, my newly discovered ability to have determination and consistency in building relationships and bridging gaps make me love and be proud of what I do even more.

Marites Nonesa
Business Associate

I treat struggles as a favorable time for me to learn more and explore things that I am capable of doing. I believe that my dedication to learn how to overcome the struggles has lead me to be more effective in my current job as a Sales Associate here at The VA Hub. My job is to find potential clients and introduce how we can help with growing their business and also to help VAs land a competitive job that will help them provide for their loved ones and reach their dreams.

Rachelle Ordinario
Sales Apprentice

Working from home has given me one of the most valuable assets in life and that is time. I work full-time and still have plenty of time for my family and for myself. I believe in making a positive difference. Working in sales here at The VA Hub allows me to offer the value proposition of the company and of the VAs as an individual, each with their own unique and exceptional skills. I feel a sense of fulfillment every time I help close a deal. I’m able to help clients in finding the right VA that matches exactly what they need and I am able to help the VAs in acquiring work that not only utilizes their current skills but helps them gain new ones, too.

Shirlyn Carlos
Sales Apprentice

I always maintain a good disposition and attitude towards everything. I see the challenges of my job as an opportunity to showcase my flexibility in meeting the business requirements. I am a firm believer that everything can be learned and everyone can be successful at anything as long as they put their heart into it. As part of the sales team here at The VA Hub Inc., my ultimate goal is to be able to bring in quality clients who will be in a long term partnership with the company. I treat my role not just as a sales post but as an advertisement of the great quality of our virtual assistants here. With this in mind, I attend to each potential client with utmost professionalism.

Cherry Enares
Sales Apprentice

Be positive. Be Disciplined. Be Determined. These values propel me to do what I do on a daily basis. As part of the Sales team, I know this job isn't for the faint-hearted. Objections after objections, it takes a lot of positivity and self-determination to show up daily and do the job. And for me, my job is not merely clinching more sales. Rather, it is bringing more opportunities for work to my colleagues and more business growth for my clients.

Mhaeren Faith Castillo
Sales Apprentice

Tenacity, perseverance, discipline, confidence and loving what you do. I would not have been a part of the Sales Team if I did not possess these values. Aside from these, you have to be positive on every call even though even though you know there are more indifferent than compelling clients. It takes a lot of passion and discipline when you work in Sales. Bringing good numbers is only a part of the job description, the best reward is bringing career growth to colleagues and clients.

Miguel Francisco
Sales Administrative Assistant

I’m organized and I really enjoy working with a wide variety of people to achieve a common goal efficiently and realistically. I support the team by finding people who would benefit the most from our services. I ensure that there is a steady flow of new leads so we keep moving forward and keep closing contracts. Through skip-tracing and proper research I do my best to make sure that the lead information we get are the most current and are active. This helps the sales team maximize their time and effort.