10 things you should know in order to grow in the business world

October 8, 2018
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October 3, 2018
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October 24, 2018

Over the past years, the evolution of how people develop their capabilities and improve their careers, and businesses grow their bottom lines, has changed thanks to technology, its rapid pace, and the growth of multiple generations in the workplace. Because of these, employees are stimulated to be agile and build their capabilities non-stop while businesses fight to not only remain relevant but competitive in the market.

Top employees are not waiting for their leaders to tell them how they can nurture their capabilities; they are proactively stepping up to the test and truly owning it. They look at a blend of their own passions and goals to grow their capabilities and deliver results. If you are in a situation where you want to grow your capabilities and career while increasing your organization’s results, here are

10 things you should know in order to grow in the business world


  1. Work on your people skills. Build a network with purpose and learn how to be diplomatic.
  2. Tone it down! Flashy, in your face personalities risk getting isolated early in the game. This is not freshman year in college.
  3. Take on added responsibility without complaining about the lack of immediate reward for the added responsibility you volunteered to take on. Never project immaturity.
  4. Know the motivations of two hierarchies above you. Your boss’ boss will typically impact you more than your immediate boss. Be visible up two levels at least.
  5. Socialize outside of work but avoid getting carried away. Loose lips catch up fast with what you did last weekend. Be friendly yet ‘contained.’
  6. Never discuss problems, only discuss solutions. You will begin to stand out earlier on. This requires you to undertake thoughtful review of solutions and options. This also implies to avoid being trigger happy, ie do your homework before you open your mouth. 
  7. Identify multiple mentors both inside and outside your company. They will help you navigate past land mines!
  8. Never stop learning. By getting better at what you do and expanding the boundaries of what you understand, you become more valuable to your team, customers, and company.
  9. Always sign up for trainings and courses even if it means sacrificing weekends. These are brownie points for sure but will also build your individual capacity. It becomes extra hard to hold back bonuses and promotions from someone who is going the extra mile.
  10. Don’t be known for being a desktop jockey, instead spend time across teams, across offices and get direct feel for operations and work dynamics. If you are seen walking about, talking with and knowing of multiple aspects of people and business units via first hand account, you will build credibility fast. Few people know much outside of their immediate teams. Be different!


Well you’ve got your recipe but do not forget to add the secret ingredient of the winning attitude. If you believe it, half is already achieved. Be passionate about your profession, love what you do and do what you love. The prize of victory may be high, but so are the rewards. Believe that you are the best and then make sure, you are!

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Stef Faller
Stef Faller
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