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VAs for All

We cannot deny that the main industry we cater to is real estate. However, professionals from other industries such as mortgage, insurance and others have already started consultation with our business advisors.

Our Executive Virtual Assistants have been trained to be ever flexible and ready to adapt to any kind of change within the business of their clients in order for them to function on different roles.


Do more. Work less.

The VA Hub Inc. Multi-skilled Virtual Assistants (EVA) give you more time to create a brand new strategy on your business where you can get more things done while working less over-time in the office. This translates well in a situation where professionals from other industries want to get a VA of their own from The VA Hub Inc..
Email Management

Email Support

Data Entry

Creating and Modifying Spreadsheets

Marketing and Branding

Marketing and Ad Campaigns

Blog Writing


Lead Management

Creating Social Media Ads

Social Media Management

Creating and sending eNewsletters

Email Marketing

Lead Generation

Circle Prospecting

Skip Tracing

Lead Calling

Administrative Work

Offers Management

Transaction Coordination

How we can help you

  • Philippines has a large pool of English-proficient, skilled workers and virtual assistants
  • We recruit the best executive assistant then train them to work virtually and provide them with the right tools to help them be as efficient and effective to your business as possible.
  • We help you set-up your system and help monitor and manage your team remotely.
  • We make it simple and cost effective!

Benefits for employers

  • Cut down your labor costs by outsourcing administrative work
  • Make your onshore team more productive by adding more staff at half the labor cost
  • Be a market leader by getting ahead of your competitors
  • Be more flexible as your business needs change.
  • Provide growth to your current team by giving professional career development opportunities
  • Reduce overtime bill and get more hours in by outsourcing

Need an affordable seasoned
Executive Virtual Assistant?