We’ll connect you with the best executive virtual assistants.

Now you can spend more time meeting with your clients while our virtual assistant take care of your branding and marketing, data-entry, office management, document organization, calendaring, scheduling your appointments and more. Each of our VAs are flexible and are trained to assist you on the different phases of your business.


Need affordable seasoned
Executive Virtual Assistants?


Built for Professionals.

The VA Hub started out as a vision. Before this we were in the exact same spot as you. So we decided to hire a virtual assistant and we had the best working relationship with them built on trust. To grow our business we needed help when it comes to administrative work and our real estate business in general. After a few months we saw the value of having a good virtual assistant that could do more than just one role or one task at a time. The vision came when we realized we wanted to share that experience with other real professionals.

The VA Hub is a company that provides high end level virtual assistants and skilled workers. This is where you can connect with the best Executive Virtual Assistants carefully chosen among thousands of applicants.


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Our multi-skilled and seasoned VAs are trained and can handle a variety of task that can provide you all you need to close that deal! We offer the lowest fixed rate of $8.81/hr which includes training and monitoring by our team. We guarantee that our virtual assistants are a crucial member that will benefit your team!

We deliver what we promise.